CAMWorks Database: Save your knowledge!

One of the best features in CAMWorks, in my opinion is the Technology Database. A lot of competitors started these option but the first CAM software that has a customizable database with technologies for the machinable features is CAMWorks. More important is that the Technology Database is installed with data that is considered generally applicable to … Continue reading CAMWorks Database: Save your knowledge!


CAMWorks Setup Sheets Tutorial.

How to change a company logo:  in CAMWorks, you have the ability to generate a setup sheet using the existing templates or a customized one. But what is a setup sheet? A "setup sheet" is a printable file that contains information that the CNC operator can use to set up the part and the tools … Continue reading CAMWorks Setup Sheets Tutorial.

CAMWorks – Mill Assemblies.

  CAMWorks has the ability to generate mill toolpaths and NC code in Assembly mode for production machining for assemblies made in CAMWorks Solids and other software. Using CAMWorks Solids/SOLIDWORKS Assembly mode, CAMWorks allows you to: - Position multiple copies of a part in an assembly document and machine the parts with CAMWorks. - Generate … Continue reading CAMWorks – Mill Assemblies.

CAMWorks – machine a bottle mold.

In CAMWorks, the user has many options to machine in 3 axis this part. You can use for all 2.5 axis elements, the automatic feature recognition and all complex surfaces a special feature: multi-surface feature. The 2.5 axis features recognized automatically are: holes, slots, boss, pockests and faces. The multi-surface feature in CAMWorks is used … Continue reading CAMWorks – machine a bottle mold.