iMachining vs. Volumill.

CAMWorks VoluMill is ideal for complex 3-D shapes and prismatic parts as its algorithms result in more intelligent toolpaths to machine pockets, slots, and arbitrary shapes. VoluMill is well suited for machining soft as well as hard materials that are hard to chip, such as titanium, nickel-based alloys or stainless steel. The result is increased … Continue reading iMachining vs. Volumill.


CAMWorks vs. SolidCAM: AFR vs. AFRM.

CAMWorks Automatic Feature Recognition analyzes the part shape and attempts to define most common machinable features such as pockets, holes, slots and bosses. Depending on the complexity of the part, AFR can save considerable time in defining two-dimensional prismatic features. AFR can recognize more than 20 types of 2.5 features ( an example you can … Continue reading CAMWorks vs. SolidCAM: AFR vs. AFRM.