CAMWorks Tips: Edit Toolpath.

In CAMWorks you can modify the toolpath anyway you want, but if need to adjust any specific moves, go to CAMWorks Operation Tree, select an operation, then expand the “+” sign to the left of the operation you’d like to edit, and then right click on the feature nested within and click on EDIT TOOLPATH … Continue reading CAMWorks Tips: Edit Toolpath.

CAMWorks Tips: Sort operations.

In CAMWorks the sort operations command allows you to sort operations in a logical machining sequence based on user-defined sort rules. When you activate this command the dialog box displays two tabs: - PROCESS TAB: the options on the Process tab in the Sort Operations dialog box allow you to establish the rules for sorting … Continue reading CAMWorks Tips: Sort operations.

CAMWorks Tips: How to use a corner round tool.

In general a corner round tool is used to apply a radius instead of a chamfer to the edge. In CAMWorks, the user have the ability to use the corner round tools available in the technology data library or define very easy a new one. If you want to access a corner round tool, go … Continue reading CAMWorks Tips: How to use a corner round tool.

CAMWorks – 5 axis tutorial.

Sometimes working in 5 axis can be difficult, but in #CAMWorks everything is easier and I will show in the next video some of many functions in 5 axis strategies. In general, #CAMWorks #multiaxis machining allows a wide variety of shops and manufacturing facilities to take advantage of 5 axis machines that provide greater productivity, equipment flexibility and quality. #CAMWorks 5 axis … Continue reading CAMWorks – 5 axis tutorial.