CAMWorks Database: Save your knowledge!

One of the best features in CAMWorks, in my opinion is the Technology Database. A lot of competitors started these option but the first CAM software that has a customizable database with technologies for the machinable features is CAMWorks.

More important is that the Technology Database is installed with data that is considered generally applicable to most machining environments. In order to gain full advantage of CAMWorks, you will want to modify this data and input additional knowledge that represents your expertise and your facility’s capabilities and machining methods. This knowledge can then be recalled and applied in CAMWorks to help automate and promote consistency in NC programming and machining.

Even without this, CAMWorks can be used as a productive tool. With the exception of tooling and machine information, any method or machining procedure that is defined in the Technology Database can be applied interactively and modified in CAMWorks.

The Technology Database is responsible for the following:

  • Definition and selection of machine tools
  • Definition and selection of tools
  • Determination of machining methods
  • Definition of speeds and feeds conditions

Please watch the video below for a better understanding of technology database functions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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