CAMWorks Tips: Define custom chuck and avoidance.

In CAMWorks 2017, there so many enhacements and new functions for turning. For example, I want to present you today two of the most important in my opinnion: define a custom chuck using a 3D model and a much needed function, chuck avoidance.

In previous versions of CAMWorks, chuck shape could be defined only by using/editing/creating an existing chuck configurations.From CAMWorks 2017, the chuck shape can optionally be defined from a STL File or a part/assembly file. This functionality is available in the form of the Shape dropdown list in the Chuck/Fixture tab.
If the user click on the Edit button opens the Define Chuck dialog box. Use this dialog box to move or rotate the chuck in X, Y and Z axis direction with respect to the Fixture Coordinate System of the current part so that the chuck is aligned with this current part.

For turn and mill-turn parts, turn toolpaths will now be generated after considering the chuck geometry and chuck location. When the Chuck/Fixture Avoidance functionality in the Advanced tab of Operation Setup Parameters dialog box is enabled and applied to all the operations in the setup then, the toolpaths will be generated after considering the location of the chuck (thereby avoiding possible collisions). Collision with chuck/fixture is avoided by defining a Clearance value for the toolpath to stay away from the chuck/fixture.
Please, take a look at the video below for better understanding of this option.


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