CAMWorks Tips: Edit Toolpath.

In CAMWorks you can modify the toolpath anyway you want, but if need to adjust any specific moves, go to CAMWorks Operation Tree, select an operation, then expand the “+” sign to the left of the operation you’d like to edit, and then right click on the feature nested within and click on EDIT TOOLPATH option.
Editing the toolpath, brings you to an interface where you can modify each move, insert or edit points, and change feedrates. Simply right-click on any of the motions in the dialog box, and you’re able to edit the toolpath, line by line. If you have any errant motions that you’d like to delete in a very direct manner, or need to change a feedrate mid-move, this tucked-away option gives you the flexibility to edit your toolpath exactly the way you need it to look.


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