CAMWorks – the fastest solution on the market!

CAMWorks is a software product who will help your company in creating CNC programs very fast for any type of CNC machine. CAMWorks has the best integration for Solidworks available on the market, but you can also use its own CAD platform which is called CAMWorks Solids, which is the same like a Solidworks Standard Licence.

CAMWorks uses a series of specials algorithms for recognizing automatically machinable features and in this way you can reduce repetitive work and of course imporve the machining time. CAMWorks will recognize automatically and generate a technology for more than 20 types of 2.5 axis machinable features and sometimes even 3 axis features, using a set of predefined rules in order to generate operations for all features recognized using a technology database.

The technology database (techdb) contains general data about the machining process which can be easily modified by the user according to the technological rules from his company and it is installed automatically and it’s free. CAMWorks gives the opportunity to create an intuitive ISO programming, because all the parts are analized and treated like a family of parts and generate the correct operations. More of that, right now CAMWorks is the only CAM software in the market who can generate a technology according to the geometrical tolerances inserted in the 3d model.
Because CAMWorks is integrated perfectly in Solidworks, you can access the DimExpert toolbar, which will help you define directly in the 3D are tolerances for all features. DimeXpert is part of the SWIFT’s options (Solidworks Intelligent Feature Technology), a function which was developed to ensure a better collaboration between CAD and CAM departments. Tolerance can be inserted manually or automatically.
CAMWorks Tolerance Based Machining is capable of reading dimensional tolerances and generate automatically a CNC program and machine to mean of tolerance. For parts with asymmetric tolerances, until today the cnc programmer must calculate the total tolerance and adjust manually the operation in order to obtain a good result, but also in many cases to manually modify the 3D model. In CAMWorks Tolerance Based Machining, the user can define for all features different tolerance ranges with specific strategies and run automatically the following processes: automatic feature recognition, generate operation plan, sort operation, generate toolpagh and machine to the mean of the tolerance.
CAMWorks Tolerance Based Machining is a free add-on for all exisiting CAMWorks clients, the only requirement is a CAMWorks Solids Parts, Assembly and Drawing licence. Using CAMWorks and the tolerance based machining you can generate a CNC program in seconds!!

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